Quick Hits


AOL is now Aol, and has lost its Running Man logo because “he represents the communications products and that’s not the whole new AOL,” says Aol’s Maureen Sullivan. The Running Man is rumored to drowning his sorrows with Mr. Zip.

Holiday headline of the day: “Verizon FiOS TV Celebrates Thanksgiving With a ‘Feast of Fury’ From EPIX.” Yes, while everyone else is idly flipping between the Detroit Lions and reality shows, Verizon’s FIOS subscribers can celebrate the Pilgrim feast with an action adventure movie marathon. A great country, friends.

A Berkeley (natch) doctor was treating teenagers’ ADHD with medical marijuana. It’s counterintuitive, sure, but so’s Ritalin for hyperactivity. And we swear we stared at a leaf for an hour once when stoned. Well, it seemed like an hour.

We were right, apparently, not to run with this computer-that-simulates-a-cat’s-brain story, and not just because we didn’t understand it.

Ha ha, a guy’s dog jumped into the Hudson! And then he went in after it, and the fire department had to pull them all out. And we saw the dog and it looked at us.

Ha ha, a turkey is running around Battery Park, and — oh, never mind.

The NRA is gonna get that Mayor Bloomberg yet. “It’s disgusting that any one man can cause so much turmoil,” says an opponent. “It’s disgusting because he never speaks the truth — he always twists a little bit.” Hey, welcome to our world.

AP says “Debt stress turns shoppers into Scrooges,” but that’s not you, right? Good. For Christmas we want a solid gold bicycle.