UK PETA Celebrity Nudes Superior to US, Study Finds


American PETA’s celebrity nude ads are pretty good, but we have to admit the UK has them beat. Here’s Keeley Hazell — yeah, us neither, but PETA says she’s a “sexy glamour model” — in their latest. We will reproduce the full ad, and another, after the jump so you can enjoy the full effect of PETA’s messages, having to do with fur, which the organization seems to be against.

Update: Oops, Hazell’s is not the most recent nude PETA ad — that honor goes to “Irish supermodel” Suzanne McCabe — but Hazell’s is the most nude.

Update 2: If that’s not your style, you can instead watch the PETA TV ad in which a young, fully-clothed vegan activist ruins her family’s Thanksgiving, which NBC unaccountably refused to run during the Parade. We all serve the cause in our own way.