Booze News: Soothing a Stuffed Belly with Amaro; Pairing Wine with Pumpkin Pie


Feeling overstuffed? No country can match Italy for the sheer variety of digestive liqueurs, called amari, which can soothe a fully belly at the end of a big meal… something you might want to look into this holiday season.
[NY Times]

Two cases of MacKinlay’s Rare Old Whisky that Ernest Shackleton’s team abandoned on their failed 1908 expedition to the South Pole have been uncovered intact. To avoid damage, the cases of whiskey have been left in Shackleton’s hut, where they were found.
[Daily Mail]

Petrus, Romanee-Conti, and Chateau d’Yquem are coveted wines, and the most likely to be targeted by counterfeiters. French wine professionals say a handful of rare and fine wines are counterfeited, though fakery remains on a small scale.

A winemaker at Mendocino Wine Company has introduced The Rolling Stones Forty Licks Merlot saying, “I wanted to work with a wine that captured what the album was about. Forty Licks… is really a statement about timeless, classic rock.”

If you think pairing turkey with wine is a challenge, wait until you get to dessert. For pumpkin pie, try a Madeira because it has some spiciness to it; for pecan pie, ruby-type Port; and Sauternes can be terrific with apple pie.