Daniel Humm Makes Carving a Turkey Actually Look Like Fun


Turkey carving almost always seems like the final humiliation visited upon the poor bird — all of the hacking, sawing, and stabbing do little to either honor its memory or whet appetites (except, perhaps, for destruction).

So that’s what makes this Nightline video of Daniel Humm carving a turkey possibly the most useful bit of Thanksgiving media ever created. The Eleven Madison Park chef demonstrates that with only the aid of a carving fork and a well-sharpened boning knife and slicer, the act of carving a turkey can be a graceful, even hypnotic affair. It doesn’t hurt that Humm appears to be the nicest, most relaxed man on the planet, or at least in Manhattan; his soothing voice and unassuming demeanor could make a home appendectomy look like a fun and relaxing pastime.