If New York art-dance stalwarts DFA are the cool kids, then Philadelphia’s Free Energy are the furry hesher burnouts they let into the party because they have better weed. No time for disco infernos, Free Energy specialize in classic ’70s power-pop—think Cheap Trick, Alex Chilton, Nick Lowe, uh, Weezer—played with the weirdo kraut anti-energy of Berliniamsburg. Their debut DFA single—also called “Free Energy”—was produced by James Murphy himself, a mix of LCD Soundsystem’s skeletal motorik, the guitar heroics of Angus Young, and tons of the plonky cowbell that DFA has been damn insistent about reclaiming from its unjust status as the lolcat of instruments. Frontman Paul Sprangers pretty much sings about the stuff that Murphy was trying to recapture in “All My Friends”—”We are young and still alive/Now the time is on our side”—so be sure to dance like you’re 20 again. With Glint.

Sat., Nov. 28, 7 p.m., 2009