Some of Our Favorite Restaurant Names, Part 3


A storefront in Murray Hill, Flushing, Queens, proclaims poultry insanity.

Here we go again, offering yet another picture gallery of our favorite names for restaurants, liquor stores, coffee bars, caterers, and other food- and booze-related establishments.

Astoria, Queens is the location of this espouser of burger nudity.

And Astoria is also the locale for this buoyant booze store.

Williamsburg is where you’ll find this restaurant, which has not yet managed to get off the ground.

Next: A restaurant moniker that also means the exact opposite of what the namers must have intended.


This diner in south Park Slope is likely to engender impure thoughts.

Fit for a king, or tough as an old shoe? In the South Bronx.

This crazy caterer was found on an obscure byway in Williamsburg.

Fork in the Road went to Texas to find this gem.

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