The Ballad of M.I.A. and Ben Bronfman


“Their love affair began in December 2007, a few days before New Year’s” reports the Observer. They met at the home of a guy who worked the door at the Beatrice, and were engaged four months later. Despite being heir to a massive liquor fortune and the son of the man who runs Warner Music, young Bronfman “discovered punk rock in the mid-1990s and frequented all the grimy downtown spots of the day–Coney Island High; ABC No Rio; the cube at Astor Place.” Nowadays, lots of people gossip about him and his pop star baby’s mother but, as the man who once went by Benjamin Brewer so as to better cloak his exalted background says, “If you grew up in New York counterculture, I think it’s relatively easy to filter out all the bullshit.” [Observer]