Two Years Later, LCD Soundsystem’s “All My Friends” Makes It To the Screen


For a song that was described by an awful lot of people as “cinematic” when it came out two years ago, it sure took a long time for someone to actually put James Murphy’s “All My Friends” on film. The song scores the trailer to Noah Baumbach’s newest, Greenberg, due out early next year. The film looks to be another one of Baumbach’s teeth-gnashingly intense dialogue/existence fests; for levity, look to the soundtrack, which Murphy wrote new music for, according to the above clip.

The LCD frontman described the genesis of the project to Drowned in Sound: “i like the director– we’re friends– and we like a lot of the same music, so this has been entirely fun. sounds NOTHING like LCD, really, which cracks us both up. it’s made to fit the movie, not be ‘my record’. but i’m really proud of it.” Murphy also makes what looks to be a cameo in the preview, at about 25, 26 seconds in. Expect a new LCD record somewhere in 2010 as well which, great–it’s always a little bit more interesting around New York when Murphy has a record out. [The Playlist, via Pitchfork]