Bedbugs Bite in LIC Access-a-Ride, Upper West Side School


The bedbug scare at the Pavilion Cinema in Brooklyn may have been bogus, but as always there are plenty of the little bastards out there. Workers at the Access-a-Ride in Long Island City picketed their own offices in complaint of bedbug infestation, and now we are told P.S. 163 aka The Alfred Smith School is infested with them. School authorities say the kids brought them in with them. While awaiting relief pending a formal DOE investigation, students and teachers seal their belonging in plastic bags three times a day. “The procedure is time consuming,” says NY1, “but the alternative is worse.”

New York’s begbug problem is sufficiently well-known that it became a plot point on a recent 30 Rock episode. Perhaps it’s time for a bedbug extermination stimulus program.