John Mayer Is #1; 50 Cent Is Definitely Not


The lady-lonely John Mayer, the man with the audacity to tell the New York Times, on the record, “I should be fucking more girls,” has America’s #1 record this week. His Battle Studies, which somehow avoids including any of the myriad things that actually make John Mayer interesting, sold a very respectable 286,000 copies, beating out the even more anodyne Norah Jones by a mile–her The Fall debuted at #3, good for 180,000, which buys a lot of windows down in Cobble Hill. And where exactly is our buddy 50 Cent, who has so enlivened everyone’s last couple weeks with album-promotional hysteria?

Why, all the way down at #5, which is what moving only 160,000 copies of your record will get you. That is by far his worst debut ever, and he doesn’t even have Kanye to thank. Maybe you’ll go gold next week, Curtis! Elsewhere, riot-causer Justin Bieber is at #6; his seven-song EP sold 137,000 copies and presumably punched a few mothers in the face in the process. Them Crooked Vultures at #12; Rakim, who sold 11,500 units, didn’t even make the chart. Tough week all around. [Billboard]