Quick Hits


Twitpic via M_Solomon.

With last year’s Long Island Walmart Black Friday stampede in mind, the National Retail Foundation has established training, security, and traffic flow guidelines to prevent recurrences; Walmart has established its own new guidelines, in compliance with an agreement with prosecutors.

Roman Polanski has been granted bail ($4.8 million), and will also have a picture of himself and Sharon Tate nude auctioned.

The New York Nobody Sings remembers the Clash at Bond’s.

New York Post headline on story about Paterson’s offer to take deficit-cutting off their hands: “$lasher gov to pols: I’m axing you nicely.” We await Al Sharpton’s protest.

This year some of the Salvation Army’s red kettles will take credit cards.

We worried at first that the CBS story “Thanksgiving Leftovers For the Skin” referred to turkey skin. Turns out they mean human skin. Gelatin is a factor.

OK, one more horrible Thanksgiving press release: “AVMA Video Offers Tips for a ‘Pet-Safe’ Thanksgiving.” “‘Consider the dog that gets into that turkey carcass,’ [Dr. Ron] DeHaven said in the video. ‘Because of the high fat content this can cause a really serious condition called pancreatitis.'”