This Week in the Voice


The late Jack Newfield, bless him, used to do a Voice “Honor Roll” every year at this time of New Yorkers who actually do good things for other people. Tom Robbins happily takes up the task in this issue.

What happens to those NBA first-round draft picks who don’t become superstars, or even stars? Sometimes they become barnstormers, circling the globe in search of the elusive Next. Attend the tale of Harlem’s Julius Hodge, as told by Graham Rayman.

Probably the only Sarah Palin Going Rogue digest you need to see — in easy-to-read cartoon form! — by Ward Sutton.

Good news, West Coasters and other fans of the cuisine: After years of crappy substitutes, there’s an authentic Cal-Mex burrito joint in town! (There’s also one Sarah DiGregorio describes as “loungey-Mex.” Well, as long as it’s not turkey.)

Oh boy, another grim Cormac McCarthy adaptation. Is The Road worth taking? J. Hoberman thinks it’s “intended possibly as an audience ordeal in the tradition of The Passion of the Christ, complete with redemptive ending and regularly articulated life lessons.”

Straight guy’s thinking of having sex with a male friend. To whom does he turn for advice? Dan Savage, of course! Wisdom ensues.

What’s Rihanna been up to, besides not dating that guy? A new album. Sample lyrics: “Six-inch walker/Big shit-talker/I never play the victim/I’d rather be a stalker.” She sounds mad. Rob Harvilla soaks it up.

Also: More Music, Art, Theater, Film, Books, Dance, Restaurants, Free Will Astrology, and the all the trimmings.