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No One Dead Yet on Black Friday; Zhu Zhu Sold Out | Village Voice

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No One Dead Yet on Black Friday; Zhu Zhu Sold Out


CNN Money has just reported that the pagan ritual of Black Friday today is “frenzied, but no trouble,” meaning there have so far been no spectacular, fatal tramplings like last year’s Walmart tragedy in Long Island. But we’ll keep our eyes peeled. So far the big tragedy is that Toys R Us seems to have run out of Zhu Zhu, some $8 toy hamster robot thing that everyone wants and Toys R Us promised to have in abundance, and there has been some “ugliness” in Indiana, and one old lady was “thrown to the ground” in a hamster-related squabble in Centennial, Colorado. But no deaths. Yet.

Economic dweebs watch the sales to see if our economy is rebounding. Some retailers already report increased Black Friday “pre-shopping,” which just means to us that we poor neo-hobos are circulating our small supply of fiat money more frantically. Only foreign grosses on Jim Carrey’s A Christmas Carol can save us now!


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