DOT considering traffic camera at hit-and-run intersection on Staten Island


The Department of Transportation is actively considering installing the red-light camera requested by a local church hours before a couple of parishioners were killed at the intersection of Third Street and New Dorp Lane Wednesday.

The meeting between the pastor and school principal of Our Lady Queen of Peace church and employees of Greenman-Peterson Inc., consultants for the DOT’s Safe Routes to Schools program, was the first of three meetings required by the program to assess safety conditions near the school. Red-light cameras are a zero-sum game in the city, with only 150 cameras spread out among the five boroughs, according to DOT spokesman Seth Solomonow.

While he claims to be supportive of a “clearly marked” red-light camera outside the church, Borough President James Molinaro’s support seems to be pretty heavily qualified. Molinaro pointed out the limitation in the number of cameras, and the equal claim of other locations on Staten Island, including the street outside a local high school where a senior was killed in a car accident earlier in the month.

Molinaro is, he says, also concerned that irresponsible drivers might cause safety problems by driving errratically to avoid being caught by the cameras, or that those drivers might get tickets, or, as he put it, “[t]he cameras should not be used to enhance the collection of funds.”