Are The Twilight: New Moon Stars Gay?


A breathless call came in from a friend the other day. “I saw Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson on TV,” she said, panting, “and I realized something: They’re gay! They’re bearding for each other! They come off completely ‘that way’!”

Yikes! Could it be true? Two actors in a movie actually homosexual? (Rolls eyes.)

But wait a minute, I’m really not so sure.

Yeah, Kristen seems a bit butchie to me, but maybe she’s just a free spirit with a brooding demeanor and a refusal to over-play the femme game.

And Rob doesn’t seem to exude sexuality one way or the other, despite everyone on earth wanting him to be their personal pet. Besides, he’s British, which often throws people off (though no, that’s not the case with Ian McKellen, Boy George, George Michael, Rupert Everett, Elton John, and so on and so on).

So all I’m left with is one friend’s gut feeling. Anyone have a strong opinion one way or the other? Are these really sucking each other’s corpuscles or are they the new fill in the blank?