Confirmed: New Year’s Eve is Going to Suck


This year the State Liquor Board’s deadline for bars to request after-hours authorization for New Year’s Eve has come and gone, and only 165 bars applied. 394 had applied by deadline last year.

The Times thinks bar owners didn’t know the deadline had been moved up, but that’s like saying they didn’t know they could be fined for serving minors or for cleaning highball glasses with their shirt-tails. We prefer the simpler explanation: they don’t think it’s worth staying open late because, with the economy in the crapper, people will be celebrating New Year’s at home or out of paper bags in the street. (Also, that legit after-hours thing is for toffs, clubbers, and people who want to eat breakfast drunk at Balthazar. You want to drink till dawn, go someplace where they don’t look too particular about the law, if you know what we mean, and tip heavy. We suggest this place. Bring your PBA Card!)

Other bad signs for New York on New Year’s Eve:

Green Day will play New Year’s Eve with Carson Daly.

– This “New Year’s NYC” site, which suggests that New Year’s is only for people with mad bank and no taste whatsoever. $215 Platinum VIP Access at… Dave & Buster’s? Better to pay the severely reduced post-midnight entry prices, and pick pockets.

– An early start to bad New Year’s Eve PR (“Ring in the New Year with Drenchers — Liven up New Year Celebrations with Great Taste, Extra Nutrition”).

We see a trend.