I Like the White House Party Crashers!


Let me preface this opinion by saying (a) I generally detest crashers and their fake sense of entitlement and (b) I’m not in favor of any serious breach of security that could provide real danger to people.

But I sort of like Tareq and Michaele Salahi, the couple that apparently bullshitted their way into the White House state dinner along with all kinds of invited dignitaries and bigwigs (though their lawyer swears they didn’t crash. I’m waiting for some sensible explanation of that defense).

To be able to bust into such a ballroom is a real talent–and I know that from experience because I’ve been turned away from things I’ve even been invited to!

And besides, they looked good! These two aren’t like some of the cheesy New York crashers who look like unwashed human chia-pets while claiming to be friends with the owners–or better yet, claim to be the owners themselves.

The Salahis were groomed and styled and hair-done within an inch of their lives and looked just as worthy of entry as some of the big-money dullards and Cabinet members on the list.

I deduct major points because they’re reality show wannabes, but still, this is the first real, unscripted thing to happen to such a personality in a long time, so it’s mildly–repeat–mildly refreshing and way more glamorous than the 16 civil suits the Salahis are reportedly named in.

Besides, anyone who wants to get into a deeply boring event that badly should probably be punished by getting in.