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The Times says Obama’s upcoming address will announce 30,000 fresh troops for the Graveyard of Empires — but (headline voice) “Obama’s Speech on Afghanistan to Envision Exit.”

The end is always in sight.

Our tabs battle it out for Tiger Woods impact, with the Daily News going for a personal angle (“I’m Not Perfect”) before getting to the “Manhattan club hostess Rachel Uchitel” angle. The Post shows us the smashed-up car and stresses the cover-up (“Woods ducks police for third day“; also, “Rachel flees to LA”). Which of them will eventually print an End of the Dream story, wistfully recollecting our love affair with the biracial barrier-breaking athlete, and then tie it to Barack Obama? It’s not as no one is capable of it.

The Wall Street Journal tastefully allows a photo of hugging policemen to indicate the awful Maurice Clemmons cop shooting story alongside the latest threats to world peace and prosperity (Iran, Dubai).

Oddly the gravitas award goes to the Metro, which front-pages a national story on a biofuel company in Tennessee that may or may not be pulling people’s legs.