Paterson Says He’ll Cut $1.6 Billion All by Himself


Well and truly fed up with the inactive legislature, Governor Paterson claims he can cut $1.6 billion from the budget deficit by executive fiat.

He seems safe from accusations of Stalinism in this instance, as the cuts are said to be mainly gleaned from administrative cost savings. Some of the package involves dicey projected revenue, as with the presumed $200 million from the Aqueduct “racino” — now envisioned as an up-front payment from whoever winds up taking the contract — down from the $365 million expected in palmier days, but still (forgive us) a gamble.

The Governor also expects to squeeze out some bucks by finding Medicaid fraud and restructuring state debt.

Paterson is “hoping that the legislature will join us” in acting swiftly. Ha, ha, ha. A spokesman for state senate Democrats says the distinguished ladies and gentlemen “will continue to work with all sides on a bipartisan and fiscally prudent deficit reduction plan that protects jobs,” blah, blah, blah.