Quick Hits


Academia — that’s where all the money is, kids. Fast Company has some photos of the Julliard School’s lavish new facilities at Alice Tully Hall. Cost: $325 million.

Grady Sizemore nude, everybody! You won’t catch us posting this, alas, as the Indians have put out an APB, saying the photos are stolen and were intended only for some lucky lady.

Rightwingers now have a board game. Not “Clue,” obviously, but “Obozo’s America.” And it’s not at all racist: players “Draw from a stack of Welfare Benefit Cards. Get extra cash from Saturday Night crimes: Gambling, Armed Robbery, Drugs, and Prostitution. Play the lottery and the horses. Get your live-in a job on the Government Cakewalk.” Game squares include: “Improper Racial Balance, Pay $400,” “Allege Cop Brutality, Go Back on Welfare,” and “Spend Day in Pool Hall, Lose $100.” Also, each players starts with “30 Out-of-Wedlock Children.” Ha, ha! We learned about this, naturally, from the Christian News Wire.

Non-partisan funny: Fake MTA Twitter feed. “It’s like an 8 million person inside joke,” says one of the publishing industry types who devised it.
This is Saddam Hussein Speaking. Petraeus shrugged?

The whistleblower who revealed unsafe conditions at the Deutsche Bank worksite is now unable to find a job.

Tom Tomorrow is tweeting about his adventures recovering a stolen car. “NYPD had efficiently ticketed the car all winter, though had not noticed it was on a stolen car list.”