Tonight! Pelican, Queen Ifrica, In C, and Sloan


It is true that not everyone here in the metaphorical Voice compound is totally in love with wordless, perpetually crescendoing art-metal dudes Pelican. That wordy naysayer will probably not be at their Highline Ballroom show tonight, though, which is a good thing, ’cause he’d have totally killed the mood.

Other post-holiday-weekend Monday oddities: burgeoning reggae royalty Queen Ifrica at SOB’s (some way more positive Voice verbiage here), a reading of Terry Riley’s In C at Galapagos courtesy the Darmstadt: Classics of the Avant-Garde series, and power-pop lifers Sloan at Maxwell’s in Hoboken. (They’re at the Bell House Friday, if that’s more convenient. No haters.)