Adam Lambert Got Peed on in Public!


He’s already been crapped on (by this very blog, in fact–though I did it with love) and yesterday it was reported on various sites that Adam Lambert was urinated on in front of a paying audience!

The controversial singer was sitting in the front row at the downtown club the Box when a tranny performer onstage let forth a spray of wee-wee which hit him and no doubt mussed up his frosted makeup and luxurious, shiny hair.

It turned out it wasn’t real pee–probably something like Gatorade, which they used in those old 550-PEEE commercials, as only my own inquisitive mind happens to know.

But whatever it was, Adam was gracious about the whole thing–he’s a real (water) sport–and he even tweeted that the wet and wild incident was rather amusing to him, a real taste, as it were, of New York nightlife.

But he still won’t talk about the March on Washington!

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