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Big Obama Treason Grand Jury Today in Tennessee (Update: Decision Expected Next Week))


Well, now we’re finally getting somewhere with the patriotic movement to remove traitor Barry Soetoro from the White House! Mother Jones reports a cowboy named Walter Fitzpatrick III, aka The JAG Hunter, has filed a complaint in Monroe County, Tennessee and will address a grand jury hearing today — and not before one of those “citizen grand juries” that were the thing last summer, but a real inside-the-courthouse deal. In fact, Monroe County has been most obliging in this matter, as Fitzpatrick got to read his accusation of treason in Monroe County courthouse in August. No indictment was returned at the time, but Fitzpatrick is doubtless better prepared now.

“The road to justice has been bumpy,” reports a sympathetic Canada Free Press: “Fitzpatrick had to go so far as to file criminal obstruction charges against Grand Jury Foreman Pettway before he would gain access to the court.” Our Northern patriot allies offer legal analysis, too: “If the Grand Jury has any doubts about Fitzpatrick’s testimony, they must arrest him for perjury on the spot. If they don’t arrest him for perjury, they are accepting his testimony as true and accurate.” God, Guns and Free Speech approves and adds a friend’s comment: “It’s a sad testament to a FREE America when we have to get any truth from the news media from another country.”

We will provide coverage later of Obama being hauled off to prison on the inevitable Monroe County warrant.

Update: They only offered Fitzpatrick a three-man panel today, says WVLT, which he took amiss; nonetheless he spoke to them and findings are expected on December 7th.

“Walter really went into detail about his continuing fight on the Treason and Fraud charges,” a supporter reported afterward, “and also about the Pendleton Eight” — Marines and a Navy corpsman charged with the murder of an Iraqi citizen in 2006; they pleaded out in 2007. “I can not see how the Monroe County Jury could even comptemplate not returning a TRUE BILL in favor of handing down the charges…” The correspondent reported the presence of other supporters, including “representatives” of the Constitution Party and the Tea Party Nation.



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