Big Push for Edible Queens


Though it launched in September, Edible Queens, the foodie mag for the Borough of Churches, is getting big play in the Daily News today. “Hey, we’re tasty, too,” reads the perhaps defensive headline, and even editor Leah McLaughlin admits, “People in New York ignore Queens.” (Fork in the Road interviewed McLaughlin in June.) But McLaughlin says the initial pressing of 20,000 copies, which she distributed free, was a big hit and she hopes to double her print run.

The mag’s Media Bistro pitch guide says its target reader is “probably on a first-name basis with the owner of the local Greek restaurant and visits the same coffee shop every morning,” but the articles range far from the diner scene, and include a Queens food tour with food celebrites Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert. Now you no longer have to rely on Joey in Astoria for Queens dining news. We look forward to the next logical step: Edible Staten Island.



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