Booze News: Rye Kicks Scotch’s Ass; The Strongest Beer on Earth


Rye managed to outrank Scotch as the world’s top-rated whiskey. The 2010 edition of The Whisky Bible, Britain’s biggest selling whiskey book, has named 18-year-old Sazerac Rye from Kentucky as the finest dram available, beating out past winner Ardbeg Supernova from the Hebridean island of Islay.

Samuel Adams Utopias calls itself the world’s strongest beer at 27 percent alcohol and perhaps the most expensive at $150 for a 24-ounce bottle. It’s described as a dark amber liquid made partially with a champagne yeast, and aged in sherry casks.
[Huffington Post]

Meanwhile, a Scottish brewery has launched what it says is the world’s strongest beer: Tactical Nuclear Penguin by the BrewDog brewery boasts 32 percent alcohol content. The limited supply is available for 30 pounds sterling per bottle.

Bruce Buschel defends his belief that, if a customer likes a particular wine, the waiter should offer to steam the label off and give it to them so that they can take it along on their next trip to the liquor store. Apparently, Target sells label removers, while Williams-Sonoma and Sur La Table sell tape that removes and laminates labels.
[NY Times]

Apparently, winemaking has become a popular second career for M.B.A.’s, bankers, architects, engineers, and other successful businesspeople, who are bringing a high level of entrepreneurial expertise to their new or bought wineries.
[NY Times]

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