Corporate Political Leanings Chart Threatens to Skew Christmas


Fun for political obsessives: Fast Company informs us that the Good Guide, a green-products advocate, has analyzed the political contributions of several companies to create a Democratic-to-Republican litmus graphic by means of which their readers may decide whether they want to support said companies with their money. You input businesses’ names, and they appear at positions on a blue-to-red (actually blue-to-pink) graph.

While we are all for informed shopping, we think its appearance now will probably just add another depressing layer of politics onto the winter holidays (or, if you prefer, the War on Christmas). I know you wanted Body Shop, honey, but Mommy found out they’re Republican. Aveda is the most Democratic business on the chart, and Bissell the most Republican, so if you want to be good to the planet, we guess, you’ll exfoliate frequently and expensively, and stop vacuuming your rugs.

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