Crime Beat: The Girl Next Door — Too Beautiful to Live, She’s Killed, and Cops Seek Neighbor


Cops were searching last night for a neighbor of beautiful Rockland County gym teacher Jami Erlich, who was stabbed and bludgeoned to death Sunday night.

No sign yet of the neighbor, a temp described as a “quiet loner” who may have taken it on the lam.

As opposed to the two yamsters in Brooklyn, hungry robbers busted for stealing fish, yams, and potatoes from an East Flatbush grocery on Sunday.

Your latest Tiger Woods scandal fix: If headline writers could be arrested for bait-and-switch scams, the NY Post’s wordsmiths should take it on the lam right now. This morning’s criminally misleading Post headline: “The night that I met Tiger & my life spun out of control.” Oh, boy! Sex story to follow! No. Rachel Uchitel in fact spills her guts about how she didn’t have sex with Tiger. Maybe it’ll turn out that she really did, but you won’t get steamy details from this story. Regrets all around.

You can at least satisfy your bloodlust with the news that Seattle cops apparently killed Maurice Clemmons, the guy sought for the deadly ambush of four cops in a coffee shop Sunday morning.

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