The Decapitator Beheaded DJ AM in a Rather Ill-Advised NYC Adbust


The impish genius of the Decapitator, an anonymous street artist who’s captured imaginations by skillfully beheading smug advertisements in major metropolitan areas, has been that the objects of his scorn seemed to deserve it. (Metaphorically speaking, of course.) Carrie Bradshaw? Materialistic twerp. Cage Rage fighter? Bloody meathead. A hemorrhoid-addled primate? Now that’s just funny. So the Decapitator came to New York last month, sent fans on a treasure hunt for a beheaded Shakira, axed Daft Punk in one of Shepard Fairey’s DJ Hero posters, and went on a scatology-jamming field trip to Bushwick with Posterboy, where the duo left behind an unseemly pair of defecation-themed ads. All of this was very amusing.

But somehow overlooked was that one of the Decapitator’s NYC victims was DJ AM. It was another DJ Hero ad, this one on the corner of West 23rd and Tenth Ave, and the details are uncanny. AM’s head is sliced off evenly. What’s left behind resembles like the vinyl grooves of a record, his cartoony epiphysis a makeshift 45 adapter. Nevermind that there’s blood dripped below onto Grandmaster Flash’s cap. Expect lots of hate mail, Decapitator, pretty sure lots of folks will find this is in poor taste.

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