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The Shaky Hands


Tremors, the desert worm B-movie featuring the dad from Family Ties as a survivalist with a heart of gold, is always on TV. It’s hangover theater that’s guaranteed to please and despite repeat viewings, how its finale arrives is always a pleaser. Similarly, there’s Shaky Hands, the sort of hearty, well-meaning band who can veer toward the suggestive but usually manage to suss out their own route to a song’s rousing finish. They’re smart, shaggy, dependable Pacific Northwest indie with a dash or two of barroom bramble. Sure, you’ve heard Shaky Hands’ ilk before—but given the chance, who wouldn’t watch Michael Gross blow up a monster with an antitank missile? With Takka Takka and US Royalty.

Wed., Dec. 2, 8 p.m., 2009

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