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Crime Beat: Precinct of the Week — Rugby-Remsen Village! (Plus a Comparison With Williamsburg)


Congratulations to the 67th Precinct in Brooklyn, our Precinct of the Week. No offense to the good people and good cops there in the heart of Brooklyn and including the Rugby-Remsen Village neighborhood, but there was actually plenty of offense during the week of November 23 through November 29 in the 67th. Like, for instance, two murders. Plus two robberies, 10 felony assaults, four burglaries, 16 grand larcenies and four grand thefts auto. At least there were no rapes — none reported, that is. (The Upper East Side’s apparently the current place for high-profile rape, as the prosecutors of accused predator Joseph “You Light Up My Life” Brooks can tell you. See Roy Edroso’s update here.)

Don’t worry, hipsters. Williamsburg’s 90th Precinct was generally much quieter.

According to NYPD figures collated and admirably compiled by the folks at, the 90th reported no murders and no rapes and only one robbery. On the other hand, Williamsburg’s 90th reported just as many grand thefts auto (four) and more burglaries (seven to four) than in the 67th. But there were only five grand larcenies in the 90th, compared with those 16 in the 67th.

* * *

Warning: All figures are suspect until the NYPD stops cooking its books and manipulating its CompStat procedures to make things look better (though that task seems hopeless on Staten Island).

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