Gay Marriage Debate Continues: Diaz Cries “Treason”!


So, Who Do We Have to Blow? We’ll find out shortly.

The marriage debate has begun in the state senate. By the end of the day, the undecideds should be outed, and marriage advocates (if they haven’t retired) will know exactly who they’ll have to blow moving forward.

But before the vote, a lot of speeches. After Tom Duane, the author of the bill, Ruben Diaz was next at bat.

Diaz claimed today was “a day none of us would like to be a part of.” He’s certainly not speaking for people who’ve waited years for this moment.

It’s hard to follow Diaz on a good day, but he’s crazier than usual now. He seems to be arguing that, though he hates gay marriage, he’s not upset with gays pushing for it, but with Democrats for not giving them a vote sooner…

“To not comply with what you promise is wrong!” he yelled, seemingly angry at the Malcolm Smith for not bringing a bill to the floor that he has no intention of voting on. “It’s treason!”

“My disappointment is not with the gay community, but with the leadership,” Diaz continued. “They have not been straight with me, they have not been straight with Tom Duane.” We’d think he was trying to get under Duane’s skin by saying the Dems weren’t ‘straight’ with him, but Diaz usually isn’t that clever.

The democratic Diaz then goes on to scream about his party having been given the majority in the Senate, and praises the Republicans as the bearers of the nation’s salvation. “The reality has been the Republican Party and their family values, and the Republican party with the moral values, and the Republican party with traditional values, for years have kept this whole nation alive.”

In creating a religious defense of heterosexual only marriage, Diaz reffered to the “Manhattan Manifesto,” most likely meaning the Manhattan Declaration. (For once, we agree with Diaz: “Manhattan Manifesto” has a better ring to it.)

“Remember your values,” Diaz ended, imploring the Republicans to “Stand with me!”

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