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New Charges Expected for Accused “You Light Up My Life” Rapist | Village Voice

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New Charges Expected for Accused “You Light Up My Life” Rapist


Joseph Brooks, the Academy Award winning composer of “You Light Up My Life” and accused rapist of 11 women, may get some new charges added to his indictment. Prosecutors say that new complainants have been identified.

Now 71 and seen hobbling on a cage, Brooks was arrested in June and charged with luring aspiring actresses to his Upper East Side apartment between March 2005 and April 2008 with ads like this — “We are looking for a very pretty, sad eyed, deer caught in the headlights kind of girl. Sensual and scared and searching for anything.” Once Brooks got these deer into his home, it is charged, he drugged their wine and sexually assaulted them…

The multiple assaults, leading to 91 criminal counts of rape, attempted criminal sexual act, forcible touching, etc, may already require two or three separate trials, says a judge, owing to the vagaries of the specific charges.

Brooks’ personal assistant, Shawni Lucier, 42, of Federal Way, Washington, is charged with criminal facilitation for helping him set things up.

Oddly, Brooks filed a suit of his own in October, charging fraud against a woman in her 20s to whom he claimed to have been engaged, and who he subsequently found to be already married. He wants damages and the return of his ring and other emoluments.


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