Organ Recital: ‘Crispy Colorectal’ at Northeast China Food in Flushing


The hilariously named “crispy colorectal” at Northeast China Food.

Always on the lookout for new venues for the Organ Meat Society, I stumbled on a shitload–if you’ll forgive the expression–at Northeast China Food recently.

In addition to variety meats in dishes like “braised sea cucumber with beef tendon” and “braised fish maw in brown sauce,” there were funky pork parts that included “sauteed leek with pork tripe,” “pork heart with cummin seasoner,” and “sauteed pork blood jelly with fresh leek.”

My favorite on a first visit was “crispy colorectal,” and where, I wondered, did the Chinese menu writer come up with such a technical term, which might be better called “bung” or “butthole,” both terms not considered very palatable in polite circles.



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