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Top New York Baby Names Even More Precious Than Previous Year’s


In 2007, the city’s most-often-used first names for newborns were Isabella and Daniel, says the Department of Health. Today they reveal the top baby names for 2008: Sophia and Jayden. Jayden. There were 872 thus christened last year. The name has been growing in popularity for years, though given the paucity of pop culture citations, we can’t think why, unless Trekkies are suddenly breeding up a storm, and what are the odds of that? Black and Hispanic parents are said to be behind the groundswell, with white people sticking with Daniel.

Full accounting here. The good news is, only 11 boys were named Sawyer. We note with interest that the top name for black girl babies is Madison; for Asian boy babies it’s Ryan, and for Hispanic girl babies it’s Ashley. OK, we’ve figured it out: today’s parents have lost respect for the the Saints of the Church, and have put their faith in MTV reality show characters. Photo (cc) Hammer51012.

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