Totonno’s to Reopen in a Fortnight; Food Bars for Dogs


Totonno’s Pizzeria in Coney Island is finally expected to reopen after a fire forced it to close earlier this year. It was announced at a Community Board 13 meeting that the oven will be fired up in the next two weeks.
[NY Post]

A new security law requiring crates of goods to be checked for explosives before being transported on passenger airplanes could cause fresh foods like fruits, vegetables, and seafood to spoil because of unsanitary handling by security staff, according to wholesalers.
[USA Today]

Now, your dog can join you as you munch on your CLIF bar. All American Pet Company has introduced Grrr-nola and Bow Wow Breakfast, the first canine food bars.

Jennifer 8. Lee pits New York bagels against Montreal’s, which are smaller, chewier, and cooked in a wood-burning oven. Are Montreal’s better, just different, or “like New York pretzels without salt,” “completely flavorless” and “dense, a little tough, and totally bland”?
[NY Times]

Julie Powell discusses Cleaving, her new memoir about the six months she spent apprenticing in a butcher shop after cheating on her husband. Among other things, she admits that beef liver is her “go-to romantic food.”
[NY Post]


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