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Crime Beat: Capture of Bin Laden, NYC’s Most Wanted Murderer, Will Have to Wait for Next Year’s Medal of Honor Videogame


Next year, thousands of young Americans will mount an all-out assault on Afghanistan to find Osama bin Laden, responsible for the greatest crime ever against New York City. The guy got away in 2001 because of bad decisions by the Bush regime, but we’re virtually certain of some kind of success in 2010, because it’ll be a new version of EA’s Medal of Honor videogame.

See MMOMFG’s “Medal of Honor: The Hunt for Bin Laden?” and GameSpot’s “Medal of Honor redeploys in fall 2010” for the best coverage of the newly announced game. (A full preview is scheduled for the Video Game Awards, December 12 on Spike.)

Don’t pay any attention to Senator John Kerry’s recently released report blaming the Bush administration for blowing the Tora Bora hunt for bin Laden in 2001. You’ll just have to hunt down the guy yourself when Medal of Honor comes out.

There’s nothing new in that report; it’s timed merely to promote President Barack Obama’s plans for an Afghanistan surge (“Kerry Giving Obama War Cover,” Daily News).

As it’s done ever since 9/11, Pakistan’s dragging its heels in the search for bin Laden. Western governments think the criminal is in Pakistan, but Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani insists he’s not.

How did we screw up the capture of bin Laden all those years ago? See last July’s 60 Minutes report on what did — and didn’t — happen at Tora Bora.

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