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Crime Beat: Roundup — Thug Who Slugged 101-Year-Old Woman Gets 75 Years; Cat-Roaster Cops Plea. And On and On.


  • Thug robber who slugged 101-year-old Rose Morat, terrorized other old women gets 75 years in the slammer. Judge: “A man doesn’t throw a left hook and a right hook into the face of a 101-year-old woman.” (Post)
  • Teen cat-roaster in the Bronx nonchalantly pleads to it, faces two years in prison. (Post)
  • Junior Gotti, in his first day of freedom after latest mistrial, leaves Toys “R” Us with stuffed animals, balls, and a mini-motorcycle that he didn’t shoplift. (Daily News)
  • Neighbor arrested in murder of the beautiful girl next door, gym teacher Jami Erlich. (Daily News)
  • Robber who shot a Brooklyn mom to death while robbing the wrong apartment calls it an “accident,” gets a plea deal for 25 years in prison. (Daily News)
  • Heroic “Rubber Robin Hood” slashes tires of NYPD meter maids. (Daily News)
  • Busta Rhymes is ordered to turn over pocket change — $75,000 — to a fan he assaulted at a concert. (Post)
  • Brooklyn armed robbery case ends in mistrial after a juror’s son is murdered. No link suspected. (Daily News)
  • Brooklyn guy testifies via video against the Serbian goon jock who beat him up in 2008 and put him in a coma. (Daily News)
  • Twelve people are injured in a Hempstead apartment fire caused by a candle a woman used for light after her power had been shut off. (Newsday)
  • A mugger throws a 21-year-old man into traffic on Eastern Parkway in Crown Heights after the victim refused to turn over his cash. (Post)
  • Cops find a floater in the Harlem River near Yankee Stadium. Some guy in his 20s. (Post)

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