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Drunk-Drive Mom’s Injured Passengers Hold Bake Sale for Her


Back in October Carmen Huertas was charged with driving under the influence in the crash that killed 11-year-old Leandra Rosado. Huertas teased the seven children she was driving about the possibility of a crash and, after the accident, the DA charges, she pulled her own child from the vehicle but left the children who hadn’t already been thrown clear by the crash inside the vehicle.

The incident generated a lot of outrage on the internet, but Ashley Calles and Amanda Vasquez, two of the kids who were riding in the car and suffered back and neck injuries in the crash, aren’t holding a grudge: the Daily News reports they’re holding a bake sale to raise bail money for her

“In this holiday [season], it’s remarkable the hope these little girls are demonstrating,” Huertas’ lawyer tells the News. The girls say they “love and miss her a lot” and will “dance in the subway for Carmen if we have to.” The deceased girl’s father is outraged: “Any person who buys any cupcakes, cookies or whatever from these people is supporting a criminal,” he says.

Well, people have always interpreted Jesus’ messages in different ways. Huertas made her first court appearance on Tuesday, and “two other girls who survived the accident were there supporting her,” says DNA Info. Huertas’ trial continues in January.


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