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Hotel Checkout Scamming Update!


Remember my recent post about how a lot of hotels seem to arbitrarily add charges to your bill, so you have to be extra vigilant when you check out or you’ll end up paying for minibars you never opened and valet parking for a car you don’t have?

Well, it turns out you even have to be careful way after that!

To remind you: When I checked out of the Trump Taj Mahal recently, the bill they handed me randomly doubled an expense! (Funny, these mistakes never seem to work in your favor. They never manage to reduce your charges “by accident.”)

I fought them on it and wouldn’t budge from the premises until I got a receipt for the corrected amount. Bravo for me–or so I thought, anyway. I just got my credit card bill in the mail and it turns out they tried to add an extra bullshit charge anyway! (Maybe it’s a service charge for whistleblowers.)

It was a small amount, but I guess they figure every few bucks here and there adds up, even if occasional retentive types like me will keep the receipts and call them on their bullshit.

Fortunately, the credit card company looked into the matter and promptly removed the extra charge. Maybe if they let the Donald back into the business this kind of thing wouldn’t happen? As much?

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