Incredibly Cheap Eats: Dollar Empanadas at M & W Laundromat in Greenpoint


You could also toss one into the washing machine in lieu of a Bounce.

A laundromat seems like a very weird place to eat anything but peanut butter crackers, snack chips, or cheap candy bars.

But inset into one corner of M & W Laundromat in Greenpoint is a small food and beverage concession run by a Dominican woman. From it, she dispenses a selection of freshly fried empanadas at the bargain price of a dollar apiece. Two make a very filling meal. Yesterday, the kinds of empanadas available included beef, chicken, cheese, and pepperoni and cheese, the latter adding a curious Italian spin to the entire operation. Our favorite was the chicken, which had an agreeably bland flavor. 995 Greenpoint Avenue, Brooklyn

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