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Job Fears May Get Worse, But Corporate Training Will Rock!


Fast Company admits corporate policy compliance training films are a drag, but they’ve found someone who can “Make Corporate Training Rock”: Russ Berland, who devised vignettes in the manner of The Office to spice up the traditional sexual harassment don’t-do-this scene and such like. Here the boss starts talking to a subordinate about “not playing games” anymore with the “inner bowels of the core of the human soul.” She seems to be on board, can’t “deny that there’s a mutual attraction” — and then reveals she’s talking about someone else! Sad trombone! “The episodes were an immediate sensation” with employees who would normally wait until the third warning notice from HR, says FC.

We find this a little window into the Way We Work Now: Job security may be over, you may have to work harder and “smarter” all the time, your stomach may be constantly roiling with anxiety, but your training videos will be cutting-edge and smirky. (They’ll probably love this at Yelp.) Plus Green Mountain has new flavors for the single-serving machine in the breakroom! Sigh. Give us the man cave any day.


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