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Shuttle Driver, Suspected Terrorist Zazi in Court Today


New York’s getting to be the terror trial capital of America. We’ve got that big KSM thing coming up. And today Najibullah Zazi — the Denver man who visited Queens in September, touching off police and FBI raids because the authorities suspected him of terrorist plotting (despite his insistence that he’s just an innocent shuttle driver) and later arrested and indicted him — is in a Brooklyn court for a hearing on his charges.

Prior to his change of career, Zazi ran a coffee cart in New York, and our current Arab-American vendors are apparently nervous about it, so the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund is giving them counsel. “Know your rights and never speak to law enforcement officers without an attorney” is how NY1 boils it down. “You donated to a charity, you let some guy stay at your house… based on how you answer those questions, you can become liable criminally,” the Fund’s Sameer Ahmed tells NY1. Yeah, we’re all a little on edge these days.



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