The Best Western Ever!


No, not the hotel–I mean the genre. To me, westerns have always been like spinach–ill-tasting and probably not even that good for you. But in my neurotic quest to see every movie ever made at least twice, I’ve sat through them all and I have to say some stand higher above the range than others.

The finest ones for me are:

Stagecoach. A rollicking, riveting road movie with danger and heart. I’m talking about the original version, not the remake with Ann-Margret and Red Buttons.

Unforgiven. Clint Eastwood’s morally ambiguous look into the darker side of the western myths, it made westerns Oscar worthy again and brought new wisdom to the purple sage.

The Searchers. The young Natalie Wood was well worth looking for in this brooding tale of rabid obsession.

And Dances With Wolves. Don’t laugh, I actually think it’s a very strong piece of work. And no, I didn’t like Waterworld.

Anyway, your best western?

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