Baltimore’s Deep Sugar Crew Is In Town Tomorrow


While Baltimore’s thrived in recent years as a DIY rock town (thanks, Wham City) and a regional club-music powerhouse (thanks, Unruly Records), house heads have long looked to the city for the Basement Boys productions and starlets like Crystal Waters (think “100% Pure Love”) and dance chart-topper Ultra Nate. The latter hosts the locally infamous Deep Sugar party every second Saturday of the month on the Baltimore outskirts, tucked behind the stadiums at one of those “you need to know to know” spots and offering a mix of classic soulful house and techy Euro-dance. This is one of those “put your inhibitions aside” things: deep house, glammed-up divas on the mic (see above), and a strange peace between the wild dancers and zoned-in wallflowers who actually make it to sunrise.

They’ve been unusually quiet about this, but that’s no surprise: You’ll have to find your own way past the doorman and into the depths of Soho’s SubMercer (147 Mercer Street) tomorrow evening. There’s no lineup officially announced, but we do know that they’ve nixed their usual $15 cover charge. Awesome. “We wanted to keep this about the party and the vibe,” Ultra told us. “You can definitely expect sets by myself, Lisa Moody, and Jerome Hicks — he’s gonna kill ’em with the classics set!” My guess is you can expect another one of the Basement Boys and a surprise showing or two; considering it’s free (and going after-hours), what do you have to lose?

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