Crime Beat: NBA’s Crooked Ref Won’t Stop Blowing Whistle, Cites Iverson Fix


Just days before yet another replay of its major betting scandal, NBA officials — the league’s executives, not the refs — must be running like mad up and down the hallways of their Fifth Avenue headquarters.

Crooked ref Tim Donaghy has revealed what he says was a concerted effort to get back at querulous guard Allen Iverson. At the same time, of course, Donaghy now says that he gave info to mob gamblers because he feared they would come after his family. He’s going to give details of this supposed stuff on 60 Minutes this Sunday. As this morning’s Post puts it, back in 2007, “he exploited his knowledge of how other referees liked — or hated — certain players, like Philadelphia 76er Allen Iverson.” Oh, those nasty Gambinos. They forced the poor ref into such crap.

Now Iverson, who has the biggest heart in basketball, is back on the Sixers, penitent and honestly teary-eyed. We’ll see on Sunday whether Donaghy will shed crocodile tears.

Maybe it would be better for the league to re-hire Donaghy and have him fix one of the New Jersey Nets’ games so they could finally win one. Brooklyn still loves the Bums, but not these bums and is warning Bruce Ratner not to bring them to the borough.

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