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Ex-Con Bouncer Nailed in Club Rape


We’re all for rehabilitation, but maybe bouncers shouldn’t be hired from the ex-felon pool. Actually, clubs are already legally prohibited from hiring ex-cons in that capacity, but that didn’t stop Daryl Littlejohn from being hired to work the door at The Falls, where he raped and murdered Imette St. Guillen. And now we have another former inmate, Hunter Dupree, who somehow got a gig at Club Climax (aka Duvet, that place with the beds) and used it to stalk the ladies’ room for women to rape. During a shift in October he went in the loo around 4 a.m., asked if anyone was there, was answered in the affirmative by a drunk woman and, after waiting politely for her to throw up, raped her. Dupree served three years for weapons possession prior to his career as a bouncer/rapist.

Dupree was identified right after the crime, but must have decamped, as he wasn’t caught till last Friday, when he was arrested for beating up and robbing some guy a few blocks from the club, and then connected with the rape.


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