Gay Lap Dancing Is Bigger Than Ever!


This breathless missive came in from a friend and reader–yes, some people are both–the second he got home from some debauching at the long-running bar Splash the other night.

“Another sign of the times,” he wrote.

“Ocean Wednesdays at Splash tonight featured very aggressive lap dancing downstairs, reminiscent of the Haymarket on 47th Street.

“Anybody over the age of 30 who was sitting on a stool or sofa downstairs got repeated and incessant visits from young ‘entrepreneurs’. One young ‘artist’ pulled his underpants completely down in order to display his tools to his patron. In the absence of the WPA, I guess this is the next best thing, but it was something of a surprise.”

Yowsa! Depending on which side of 30 you’re on, you know what to do.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on December 4, 2009

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