GLAAD Backs GMA For Dropping Adam Lambert


UPDATE: Since I wrote the text below, GLAAD has adjusted (or maybe just clarified) its point of view. The gay watchdog group now says Adam WAS subjected to a double standard and people should express their frustration with that to ABC. Got it? Good.

Let’s do a quick recap: Adam Lambert indulged in gay shenanigans on his now legendary American Music Awards performance. Everyone I knew was loving it, but not Good Morning America, which promptly canceled Lambert’s scheduled appearance. Gay activists were furious, especially since the show went on to feature Chris Brown, of all people, as a guest! Was ABC saying that a lady bruiser is OK, but an open gay isn’t?

Well–keep listening, kiddies–the network countered that it’s not that Lambert is gay, it’s that he’s unpredictable. They couldn’t risk him tossing some racy shenanigans into a live performance that wasn’t in the rehearsal. They didn’t want a whole new Janet Jackson on their hands.

Well, in case you haven’t heard, GLAAD–the LGBT watchdog group–considered ABC’s defense and has sided with it! They feel the network generally gets good grades for their gay coverage and that this wasn’t a case of discrimination at all.

Do you agree or would you like a recount?