Strange Snacks of the World: Weird Holiday Candy at Dylan’s Candy Bar on the UES


Dylan’s Candy Bar, a three-level sugar emporium on the Upper East Side, has broken out the green-and-red foil wrappers, chocolate Santas, and just about everything else you can think of that’s holiday-themed and will rot your teeth. It’s a good place to shop for the candy-addicts on your list. Some of the confections are weirder than others–like this seldom-seen Peep that leaves aside chicks and bunnies in favor of spelling things out.

These Route 29 chocolate caramels are flavored with cinnamon, chipotle, and cumin (that last is a new one on us). The box sports a friendly burro and a cactus decorated with Christmas tree ornaments. They’re actually very tasty, as caramels that taste like mole poblano go.

Gingerbread malted milk balls, on the other hand, taste like a Starbucks latte gone wrong. It turns out that malted milk balls without the malted milk just aren’t worth the trouble.

1011 Third Avenue


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