Week in Review: Humming and Ready to Take Us On a Golden Ride Way Out Somewhere in the Yonder


In the week we learned to our deep and lasting dismay what a Gummibar is, we counted down the worst songs of the ’00s with the newly relocated F2K crew–peruse if you dare but do not blame us when you come in contact with something like “I Am Your Gummy Bear (The Gummy Bear Song),” or are inadvertently reminded of that time the Beastie Boys forgot how to rap.

Here is a video of Bowerbirds playing music for us in a Williamsburg surf shop. Not a contradiction in terms, that last bit.

“My facial hair kind of grows in really splotchy, except for the mustache, which will grow in pretty good, so I just kept it,” is how JEFF The Brotherhood’s Jake Orrall explains his gnarly stage-appearance. (Warning: includes leather pants.) The Big Pink’s Robbie Furze is really not feeling that “shoegaze” word you keep saying. And Feeling Gloomy’s Len and Cliff keep smiling at you when they DJ but you never smile back, why is that?

Speaking of not smiling, Rihanna did not smile at Hammerstein Ballroom, not even once, while in another part of town, approximately anyway, the Deadly Dragon Sounds party at APT elicited nothing but. Peter Evans would smile but there’s a trumpet in his mouth so he just mutely handed over his song “micro” instead. And Pop. 1280 gave us “Bedbugs.”

We live in a world where MGMT could lose a Grammy to Hall & Oates, but maybe even worse than that, The-Dream wasn’t even nominated.

SOTC hero the Decapitator went too far and beheaded DJ AM, while SOTC best buddy Tom Breihan went too far and compared Ted Leo (who has a new record coming soon) to the Gaslight Anthem; the gesture was met with swift online reprisal. And if you write a dismissive article about the Chicago metal band Pelican, people will yell “Fuck the Village Voice” at their New York show, it turns out.

Plus Jay-Z at 40, Sleigh Bells in Dame Dash’s basement, the Mountain Goats live at Webster Hall, Rolling Stone‘s new restaurant venture, the Public Enemy-related correction of the year, the unstoppable commercial dominance of Susan Boyle, the paltry 200-email campaign to save Jelly NYC’s Pool Parties, the end of Giant magazine, what Ezra Koenig and Juelz Santana have in common and more, below. Looking for something to do this weekend? Tonight’s benefit for Twin Stumps’ Bassist Mike Yaniro at Death By Audio and tomorrow’s return to NYC by Baltimore’s Deep Sugar crew are both very much worth your while. Us, we’re back on Monday.

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